A Bit of History

If you sit at Gosman's Dock and look across Lake Montauk Inlet to the beach on Block Island Sound, you're looking at Gin Beach.  it stretches along the north shore of Montauk from Shagwong Point to the west.


One might think the name stems from the days of Prohibition...after all Rum Row as it was called lay just 12 miles off Montauk Point.  In fact Gin Beach recalls the days about 250 years' worth when East Hampton cattle and sheep were driven to Montauk to pasture each spring and driven off in the fall. 

A gin was a gate or corral, a fenced enclosure to trap the animals at round up time.  The stock were driven into the gin whenever their keepers wanted to inspect them, drive them from field to field, back into town or simply move them around.

Men on horseback drove their cattle into the gin where they were "pocketed" by gin-keepers who put bars or lengths of movable fence to keep them in order.  At Gin Beach keepers had the responsibility of making sure cattle did not stray from North Neck across the field into Indian Field.  

Each June 20th a great roundup took place at Third House where the cattle and calfs would be turned into Indian Field, the best grazing land in Montauk. Today it is the Indian Field County Park. 

The name Gin Beach dates back to 1665. The beach itself is a narrow strip of sand that is cut in two today by the inlet and the lake it is also known as Great Pond. 


Michelle Napoli  April 30, 1998 

East Hampton Star

The owners of Simply Unique Caterers and the Montauk Anglers Club teamed up to bring you Montauk's finest casual eatery...the

"Gin Beach Cafe" opened in the spring of 2019.


Located on beautiful Lake Montauk allow your senses to take in the best the east end has to offer.  From the serene surroundings to the spectacular sunsets the Gin Beach Cafe will be the perfect place to begin or end your day.  

Serving lunch & dinner in a casual setting we invite you to order at our counter or self serve kiosk where we will either pack your meal to take to your boat or the beach or you can grab one of the picnic tables in the marina where you can sit, relax & enjoy.

New this season we present the "Lobster Pound at Gin Beach" serving the freshest seafood & local favorites in a casual self serve atmosphere.

Fisherman's Lunchbox....drop off your cooler the night before and pick it up the next day, stocked & ready to go. 

Boaters Catering Menus available...let our staff help you plan the perfect day out on the water. 


You Hook'em We Cook 'em..

Bring in your fresh catch or dig of the day and we will cook it up for you...check out our menu for creative options. 

Thank you for your patronage...it has been a pleasure to serve you !

Gin Beach Cafe  Montauk NY